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Cherise & Ian – Classic Pod – April 2023

Weddings are joyous occasions filled with cherished memories, and couples often seek unique ways to enhance the celebration and create lasting experiences for their guests. In this case study, we explore the delightful journey of Cherise and Ian, a couple who stumbled upon a serendipitous opportunity while planning their wedding for 6th April 2023. Their encounter with BoothIY, a renowned photobooth service, brought an unexpected twist to their special day, leaving a lasting impression on both the couple and their guests.

As Cherise scrolled through her Facebook feed, she came across a competition hosted by BoothIY, offering an exciting opportunity to add a photobooth to her wedding. Intrigued by the idea of incorporating a photobooth into their wedding requested further information.

The process of booking the BoothIY photobooth proved to be remarkably straightforward and hassle-free for Cherise and Ian. The booth was delivered to their chosen venue the day before the wedding, allowing ample time for setup and preparation. The efficient team at BoothIY ensured a seamless experience, promptly collecting the booth on the next working day after the wedding, alleviating any concerns for the couple.

On the wedding day, the presence of the photobooth provided an exciting and interactive element for the guests. The simple yet engaging setup allowed everyone to enjoy capturing memorable moments, with the added convenience of receiving the photos directly on their phones. The BoothIY experience proved to be a highlight of the event, leaving a positive and lasting impression on Cherise, Ian, and their guests.

This case study serves to highlight the exceptional customer experience provided by BoothIY, underscoring the importance of unique and interactive elements in creating unforgettable wedding celebrations. Cherise’s positive experience and resounding recommendation of BoothIY not only showcase the impact of exemplary service but also emphasize the potential for future events to be enhanced through their services.

“I found BoothIY through Facebook.

Booking was very straightforward. The booth was delivered to my venue the day before and collected the next working day after my wedding. The set up was simple and everyone really enjoyed using the booth and getting the photos sent straight to their phones.

I would definitely recommend and use BoothIY again for any event I have in the future.”

  • Cherise & Ian, April 2023