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When is my balance due?

Your balance is due 45 working days before the booth dispatch date. This can be paid at anytime following booking confirmation, at the bottom of your invoice under the totals there is a ‘PAY NOW’ button which you can use to pay the balance. An immediate confirmation is sent automatically following payment.

Is my booking still going ahead?

Your booking will have been confirmed within 7 days of placing an order. Booking confirmations come from [email protected] So long as you have received a booking confirmation, your booking will be going ahead. The only reasons for bookings not going ahead are:- Additionally, nearer to the event if there was a last minute issue such […]

I need to change my date?

You should complete this form for all date changes so that we can check availability and make a transfer You will need your booking confirmation to hand Charges will apply for any date changes taking place with less than 6 months notice All date changes are subject to availability

When do I choose a background?

If you have a background option included within your package, or have added one, this can be selected in the final 4 weeks on the Event Prep Form. Background options are subject to change frequently and any option requested may be substituted due to availability caused by reasons outside of our control including supplier issues, […]

When do you need the delivery address?

In the final 4 weeks you’ll be sent an email automatically by our system which will ask for you to complete the Event Form (delivery and collection details) + your ID verification, both steps are needed to dispatch your booth.

What’s in my package?

Please refer to your booking confirmation email which will detail your package and show what is included. This will have been sent upon booking with us, the emails do often go to junk/spam.

Can you confirm you’ve received my Event Form & YOTI?

You will receive an email when your event form is processed and YOTI have confirmed your ID. This happens automatically, and we will not respond to individual requests to confirm these details. All bookings are self managed and it is your responsibility to ensure you have completed these steps in good time in order to […]

When do I receive my photos?

The full gallery is usually available within 7 working days of us receiving and processing the booth back (please remember it can take a few days from you returning the booth, to us receiving it back and then processing it back into stock) Gallery link are now sent via email to the registered email address […]

Can you resend my booking confirmation?

All bookings will have confirmation issued to the email address stated on the Booking Form within 7 working days of an order being processed. You can request a copy using the form below.

How do I change my details?

f you need to change any details including your home address, or phone number please use the request form below. Please note we will not make changes to the main email address held on file. All requests are processed within 10 working days, we will not confirm or acknowledge changes.